Sunday, 1 May 2011

My easter holiday

 Hello dears!

My follower numbers keep fluctuating which makes me a bit sad T^T I hope it's just blogger being lame. cryyyyy

Easter holiday finished for me last week so I'm back at college, slacking as usual. My eastern holiday was really fun, and it was nice that it was sunny through most of it! Here's a little break down of what I got up to. It's not in any order, my memory is really bad.

I went to see Sucker Punch with my college friend Adam. We totally decided to dress up for it, don't we look SEXY
Adam's tits are awesome.
 Everything was awesome until the bus we got back home decided to terminate about 10 miles from my house so I was stuck at Swanley station for an hour in the pitch dark with no one on the platform. When someone finally did come onto the platform, I thought they were like an axe murderer. Thankfully my aunt picked me up. Life saver!

Marie and I went hunting for extensions for her in Peckham highstreet. Oh my god, it's amazing. Why hadn't I been there before. The high street is just shop after shop of hair and beauty suppliers and the walls are COVERED with extensions. 

A tiny section of the Hair Wall. There was probably about 50x more hanging up, I shit you not.
THOUSANDS and they are so cheap compared to what you can buy online. You can get 24" real human hair for about £60 which is AMAZING. One of the shops, Paks, has a website. I recommend Peckham for hair for everyone. It was such a trek to get up there. We met at our usual place in Leicester Square and didn't realise how many trains we have to get there. I think it was about 8 and it took ages. We should have just met up at Croydon. HAH least we know now :D

Taken from Paks website.

Random wall of cool stickers
 I went out to the Harvester with my old school friends who had come back from University as well as Sarah's uni friend. I don't think I made very good first impression on him, he must have thought I was bat shit crazy. My ever-lasting ear problem decided to attack me with full force and fill up my ears with so much fluid that I felt drunk and spent most the evening giggling to myself with my arms splayed across the table. Sorry guys XD It was nice to catch up with everyone and stuff our faces.

I met up with Chriss and Marie again and we sat in St James' Park and scared away the tourists. We spent most the time trying to pick fights with the wildlife and talking in stupid voices. We even managed to see some Pelicans! 
It was posing for the crowd's camera.
Buckingham Palace. preparations for the wedding were well under way then

Creeper photo of Marie

and my personal favorite
Getting in the spirit of the royal wedding. Kind of.

The highlight of my week has definitely been getting tickets to freaking SM Town Paris! If any of you don't know what it is, it's a load of Korean Pop groups from the company SM entertainment are coming to Paris for a gig. My dear Ananya spent ages trying to get hold of tickets for us as the ticket websites kept crashing but she finally got hold of some. When she broke the news to me I was doing a mock test in college and I freaked out and got all my answers wrong on my paper. I am SO FLIPPING EXCITED ABOUT IT though I'm not too happy about how much money is going to have to be spent x_x. We're in the process of sorting out accommodation and travel. We're turning it into a little shopping weekend :D


Sorry for the shitty pictures, I really don't have an excuse to have such poor quality pictures/no pictures because I own a good camera. I just don't like having to carry something so heavy and cumbersome on days out. Perhaps I shall try and 'borrow' my mother's.

Another entry should be up in the next few days of what I've bought in the past few days and some outfits.

Off to work URGH.


  1. Told you Peckham was amazing! I'm going to Pak's "main branch" tomorrow after a photoshoot lol...I wonder if it's any bigger?

    Did you find anything you wanted to buy?

    Ohh, I used to date someone that lived in Swanley haha, it's a mad trek!!

  2. I didn't buy any hair in the end, I got a few bits of makeup though but I'm regretting not buying any. I'll probably go back up there in a few weeks.
    I didn't see the main branch, unless it was the one right next to the Pak's cosmetic store... We ended up going into about 7 shops, most of them stocked similar brands and types of hair.

  3. haha I love the first pic so sexy!!

    damn extension heaven and good priced! extensions here where I live are so damn expensive .___.

    lol cute purrri X ] I like the first pic~

  4. Oooh awesome! Looks as if yoou had loads of fun and shizzle ^^ Well done on getting the tickets! :D

  5. Oooh awesome! Looks as if yoou had loads of fun and shizzle ^^ Well done on getting the tickets! :D