Friday, 6 May 2011

complaining abuot my style and recent clothes.

Gals (and guys), I seem to be having a bit of a problem at the moment but I'm sure a lot of you have had (or do have) a similar problem.

I appear to be having a bad case of "Style schizophrenia". I just don't know how I want to dress anymore.

When I open my wardrobe I just stare in with a dead face. it's annoying because I know I have a lot of clothes but nothing matches with anything else. I attempted to clear out my wardrobe to take out the things that I don't wear anymore too see if this would help me.

And now my wardrobe is void of colour, lets count how many coloured things we can see!

I counted 4. 

Where's the colour?

It's all in here, in the draw of stuff I don't wear anymore. I'm probably going to sell this stuff

It's funny because I really like colourful clothes and thought I wore a lot of colour but apparently not...

I can't seem to find many things to my taste in the shops and even gal online stores have been leaving me feeling a bit uninspired recently...

I need more drapey floaty things my my life. And tutuHa, lots of tutuHa and Murua. and D.i.a

I did manage to get a few things in the last coupe of days. Nothing that interesting but good staples for my wardrobe.

I got a black maxi dress from H&M for £12 because I thought it would be good for Mode-gyaru coordinates.
 Styled it up with some round River Island sunglasses, bangles, metal necklace and litas.

i also got some earrings from River Island for £10
 Lovely and glam <3 I don't have enough earrings. Need more.

Some Too Faced lip injection extreme gloss.
 This stuff is a MIRACLE for girls with thin lips i.e myself. It stings like hell but its so worth it, just don't get it no anymore besides directly on your lips or you will look like you have herpes.
 This magical La Senza Bra for £25. I always complain how UK bras don't compare to the frilly awesomeness of MA*RS style bras but this was suitably frilly and impractical enough for me to want it.

I actually went back a few days later and got the matching underwear.

I shit you not, this is the first pair of matching underwear I have ever owned. I don't like thongs normally but look how cute it is!

I also got a turquoise ring from H&M for about £4.

 Styling up my dress again

Right that was a shitty entry, I'll try and write a better one next time.

I'm sure everyone has phases of hating their clothes, what do you guys do to over-come it??


  1. Hi ! ^^

    What is happening to you, happened to me too many times ! This is because I changed my style a lot when I was younger. Now, I am going through this again because I'm 18 now, and I don't feel like wearing t-shirts with cartoons anymore. I want to wear more mature clothes but, because I've just started, I don't even own a complete outfit, just random stuff. So when I dress up, I end up wearing the same old stuff >.<

    I think if you find your clothes boring sometimes, the key is to wear a lot of accessories : )

    And your Litas *-* I really want ones too <3
    The outfit you put together is really cute !

  2. ahhh ive had this happen quite a few times and im facing this problem now, cept i want to throw EVERYTHING, cept like, my expensive stuff and just start again.
    and just like you, i dont have alot of colour at all, its mostly dark colours and that annoys me a bit lol.
    one thing you could do is just throw or sell everything you dont like or feel "meh" about and then buy stuff that you love with the money you make from your sales.
    Then just make a cycle like that, every few years you feel like having a clean out, sell all the stuff you arent keen on and get new stuff to replace it.

    also for earrings, go to Aura in tonbridge, before i moved away it had just opened up, and OMG everything is soooo cheap and pretty, i highly reccomend getting stuff there.
    i got 2 pairs of large dangly earrings for £1.98
    everything is hand made and it's realllly nice.

    your new clothes are really nice, i love the maxi dress <3

  3. I have no more space in my wardrobe/drawers for any new clothes, and I often give a lot of stuff away to charity (except the expensive stuff) and my solution, is to raid my Sister's wardrobe. XDD I feel like this often though. I go through phases where I have certain co-ordinates I love to wear all the time and then I get bored of wearing the same clothes over and over again~

    I love your new buys! I love maxi dresses. I have about seven in my wardrobe. XDD I don't have enough pairs of earrings either! I have many pairs of matching underwear though, even though I never really wear the matching sets X3