Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Hey guys!!

First of all I just wanted to say thank you to the lovely anon who posted a lovely post about me on Gal secrets 2 weeks ago, you have no idea how happy I was, I was jumping up and down in my life-drawing class haha <3 I shall strive to blog a little more and make them more interesting too. I'm sorry my entries have been lacking in my outfits recently I shall do my best to post more photos and stuffs ♥

I've been a really busy girl recently! I finished my college project (until the next at least!) which means I got to chill for a little bit so I allowed myself to go out more with my friends and party a bit.

Last week, I went on a pub trip with my friend Becky and my other friend Chaz who I hadn't seen in 2 years and we went off to what I thought was going to be a relaxing pub trip, turns out the pub was more like a bar/club... Either way it was a damn good night out! I saw too many people who I'd rather not have seen (ie stupid people from my old school) but after a few drinks, I sort of forgot they were there.

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Outfit! I did butcher the lining of my Forever 21 skirt as you can see~ Completely inappropriate for dancing but then I didn't think we'd basically be going to a club..

We drank cocktails out of a kiddy bucket!

McDonalds were nice to us and gave us free chips XD which we shared with all the other drunk party-goers at the bus-stop.

Last Thursday was celebrating my college friend, Emma's 18th birthday so we went down to the town by my college for some celebratory drinks... at 2 in the afternoon. I think my weight-gani has given me a new
By 4, we had already been thrown out of 1 pub and were already very drunk. I've been going to my college for a little over 2 years and don't really socialize out of college because of cashing schedules  so it was awesome to get to see a different side of my college mates because everyone was a little more loosened up.. mainly because of the alcohol haha. It was an awesome time though, I learned so much about them. I love all my college girls (and guy!)

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Emma and CJ; my college wives ♥ Not drunk..and then Emma threw toilet paper everywhere..

If any of you follow my friend/wife Lucie, you may know that she's leaving England for Japan for some extended period -cry- so to celebrate, her, Amelie and I went clubbing and spent some wife-time together! She didn't arrive until 6:20 in the evening so Amz and I mooched around the Natural History and Science Museums.
I think we had more fun than kids.


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As we did last time we went to a Kpop night, we stayed overnight at a hostel.  It was so fun to get ready with my wives, we had music playing and we were sitting on the floor surrounded by our crap, curling each others hair and dancing. Like a giant sleepover

It only occurred to us once we bought the Vodka and Cola that we didn't have any cups to drink out of so we used Amelie's old Um Bungo bottle
Pure class right there.
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Lucie with her ma*rs dress and epic agejo hair~ Excuse lighting, the hostel had shitty lighting.

We got so lost on our way to the club. We were pretty tipsy as sono as we left the hostel so when we got on our train, and got off at the appropriate station, we actually got back on the train going in the other direction, back to where we started XD

We got complimented by a homeless man.

Lucie and I had to go to an ATM to get money out and the guy who as infront of us was really creepy D: He was laughing at us while we were jamming to Tap Tap revenge so Lucie was like "ooh we see you laughin" and he said:
Him: "I'm not laughing at that..."
Us: "Oh? what then"
Him: "...Yes or no"
Us: "In reguards to what...?"
Him: "...yes or no... I might so something stupid..."
Us: ".....NO NO, whatever it is DON'T DO IT"

No idea what he was talking about but he was clearly drunk hurr.

So we stumbled into the club at about 10:30, found our other wife Ellie and jammed like crazies.

The next few hours were a bit of a blur. My drunken self worries me, I guess its normal to behave differently when you're intoxicated but the lack of control I have is a really strange feeling. I don't don't hold back on anything. x_x
I have a vague remembrance of flirting with a guy to buy me a drink, chugging it down and immediately turning around to the guy next to me to do the same. Kind of funny but at the same time I look back and think how discourteous that was DX I was so embarrassing. I'm looking back cringing at everything I did.

This was the dress I wore. It was £38 (£32 because of student discount) from Topshop Oxford street. The black middle part is slightly see-through~ I don't have a picture of me wearing it... that aren't atrocious.

Party ended at 4am and on leaving Lucie realised that she didn't have her phone anymore. We had no idea what happened to it D: It was such a sucky end to a great evening. We were given a lift back to our hostel by a guy we met there. If I were sober I would not have stepped into that car with him haha 1) he was drunk 2) We knew him like 10 minutes 3)RAAAAPISSSST but he dropped us back and we were all fine! haha

...I woke up with a receipt in my bra...

I had to leave the hostel by 8 to make it on time to work. I did not want to get up. Nothing beats sleeping when you ache everywhere. God I was so comfortable. Can I go back plz?

Me and Amz concluded that partying at Kpop night is almost as bad as being front row at a jrock concert (we should know, we have experienced both).

Uh here are some things I got recently.

There was a sale in Kurt Geiger so my mummy got me these :)

I thought she was mad for allowing me to buy shoes for that price, but I didn't argue..
£70 reduced from £120!
Teşekkürler Anne!! ♥

At the same time I bought my dress, I went to the japan center and bought the March issue of Popsister. While I was there there were also these 2 mysterious girls checking out the gal magazines too... I wonder who they are... SHOW YOURSELVES!

Tsubasa-special~ I was so happy
It now lives with my Gal mag collection!

My sponsor lenses from Muku Chu arrived!
Expect a review in the next few days for them~

Right, I need an excuse to use this gif

Creepin' on Jonghyun

Aaaaaaw yeeeeeah


  1. Rawrrrr It was soo fun we need to go out clubbing more often *0*!! Ahaha I wish I had got pictures of my epic styling of Lucie's hair! I'm slowly getting better ahaha XD!! I'ma miss her T__T


  2. I love your first coordinate! It reminds me like to a videogame or something like this, very original!

  3. duuude, the shirt in your top photo, it's.. amazing O: *want*

  4. you look amazing <3

  5. @Amz her hair looked amazing, you have mad hair skills. What are the name of the heated curlers you got I really want some D;

    @Bunny Princess haha thank you <3

    @Effy. Thanks girl :D It was from topshop a few months back. Its such a bitch to get on x_x

    @Nnena Thanks <3

  6. Wow! It sounds like you girls had a wild time! I've never been to a club or got drunk outside my house. X3 I'm such a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.

    I love the first outfit. From far away I thought the skirt looked like big trousers. X3 Your new dress is gorgeous! I love the colours~

  7. That outfit is AWESOME!!

    and yay for flower lenses! I love the pinks mukuchu sent me :D

  8. Wow! It sounds like you girls had a wild time! I've never been to a club or got drunk outside my house. X3 I'm such a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.

    I love the first outfit. From far away I thought the skirt looked like big trousers. X3 Your new dress is gorgeous! I love the colours~