Thursday, 2 September 2010

Music wot I liek

So I'm bored and I'm uninspired but I feel like blogging so I thought I would share with you MY MUSIC TASTE.

 I listen to basically anything, no I don't just listen to obscure Japanese bands much to some peoples belief. I pride myself at being quite the and I'm constantly on the hunt for something new so anyway ON WITH MUSIC! I hope you hear something you like <3 These are all genres in no particular order.

Belong- Washed Out.

With Your Friends- Skrillex

Digital Love [Daft Punk cover]- The Situationists

The Perfect Vision- Minmi [Shinichi Osawa Mix]

Fire Burning- Sean Kingson [Brutal Beatdown mix]

A Girl of Skin coloured Blanket- Smile Down Upon Us

A Night at the Spleen- Closure in Moscow

Bomb The Blocks- Bass Nectar

My Angel Rocks Back and Forth- Four tet

Spit it Out- IAMX

I'm going out with friends tomorrow so maybe I'll have some more purchases to show you then ♥


  1. You like IAMX. I am also partial to the musical stylings of one Chris Corner. Bonding should now occur.

  2. that cover of digital love is the best i've heard.

    excellent find! :D

  3. Just saw Skrillex and Deadmau5 on Thursday night! They were both GREAT!!!