Sunday, 19 September 2010

Matsuri 2010

Hello all~

Yesterday, the lovely girls from Delight and I went to Matsuri which was held in Spitalfield market in London.


We met up in Leicester Square before heading off for the market. There was quite a bit of waiting around but we managed to keep ourselves amused.
Marie and I got extremely excited over these cute pigeons that were sleeping in the grass in Leicester Square so we decided to take stealthy photos of them... which failed because they flew off when we approached D:

BARBIE BALLOONS!! We sent Rei and Laina off to nab us some free balloons from a Barbie event that was held at the Odeon cinema and they came back with like 8 haha

We got stopped for so many pictures! We'd stop to pose for one person and then 3 other people would come with their cameras and take a picture too. We had to move fast before we got stopped again haha~

Rei being a sexy beast with her Finnair fan

Slobbing on the floor. Too much walking...

NOOOO!!! That was our last balloon D:

We bumped into so many people! We spotted Kei!! I was so flipping happy when I saw her, I hadn't seen her since Hib split 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 So nice to catch up with her ^^ We also bumped into Haz~. He's so flipping cute!!! He gave me a massive hug, he's such a sweetheart!! 。◕‿‿◕。

This is half of the UK Gal community right here lol!

We also saw Niijii, Floz and Caryn too. We talked for a while about what happened, and everything else like old times, and there's no bad blood between us ^_^ I was so relieved, I feel like there's a giant weight off my shoulders. I miss those guys so much, I hope we can hang out again soon ^^ I wish I got a picture of them they looked so fabulous D,:

( ;_ゝ; )
Kei did this~

After Matsuri, Ellie, Rei, Marie, Amelie and I went to do Karaoke at our usual place, Korean Chillie.
Failing to read the Japanese lyrics. So fun~

Oh yeah and I guess my hiatus is over! I have a few plans for future entries but I probably won't be updating as frequently because I have started college again and want to focus on my coursework more. (I'm such a slacker haha)

I'm also working on my layout AGAIN so expect changes. Tschus!!~~ ♥


  1. These are some amazing pictures! :D
    It looks like so much fun, I really wish I could have gone

  2. Gaaaaah! You make me feel so bad for missing it. I hate my health. DXXXXX

    It looks so fun!

  3. メチャかわいい
    you guys look sooo cute!

  4. whos the black gal in the photos?
    shes beautiful & im intrigued *[]*

  5. メチャかわいい
    you guys look sooo cute!