Monday, 9 July 2012

Style Break-Down; Dara!

On July 6th, Korean band, 2NE1's new music video for their song I LOVE YOU was released.

For any of you who aren't aware, I am obsessed with Korean pop. Recently, Kpop has been taking the music and fashion world by storm. Designers love it, producers love it and a Korean group, Big Bang won MTV's EMA 2011 award  for 'Worldwide act' even beating Britney Spears to the prize!

2NE1 are an all-girl group whose jaw-droppingly style and attitude have charmed the likes of Jeremt Scott and They're all about empowerment and independence; like a more fashionable reincarnation of the Spice Girls. These girls are always dressed to kill in their videos and designers throw their most lavish of clothes and jewelry at them. Jealous much?

Today I wanted to break-down my favourite outfit of the video, worn by Dara's (here on the left).
From left to right; Dara, Minzy, CL and Bom.
After some snooping, I think I managed to piece together Dara's oufit.

You could probably put down a deposit on a house for the cost of this outfit!
Dara's "dress" is actually two pieces from Cavalli's s/s12 RTW collection, worn with a vintage Versace belt, which is then matched with another vintage Versace piece; a Medusa link bracelet. She's also super lucky to be wearing one of Giza's pieces from their S/S12 collection (which are a nightmare to get hold of) and the outfit is set off with a simple pair of Wang heels.

I'm drooling.

Can I be the 5th member of 2NE1 please?

If you're new to 2NE1 or are already a fan, what do you think of this song and their outfits?


  1. I personally wasn't impressed by the song- I feel they have much stronger and better songs out there that fit their image more, but the outfits were killer as usual!

  2. I love 2NE1 too! Dara's new hair and G Dragon's hair are super twin!!!

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    as your blog is Gawwjus!

  4. Omg, Dara's hair is so wonderful! I'm glad they gave her a more dramatic hairstyle since she's so sweet voiced. I love all of the gold accessories in the video as well. This isn't my favorite song from them, but I like how it's gentle without being boring. It's still really catchy, and of course they're all very talented singers.

  5. loving everything!


  6. it is very cool! And the Alexander Wang shoes are amazing!:) kisses!

  7. I'm not into K pop, but I know a lot of people who are, so I've heard of them before. She's got cool hair, haha.

  8. you did an awesome job putting together a similar look. i love it. it's fierce girl!

  9. The Giza piece. Gaaaaah gorgeous!!

    I wished they danced more in the video since it always seems a bit weird when they start singing in cars and such (so Korean video though LOL).

    2NE1 are hot bosses. Minzy next (lol she's my fave)

  10. Kpop Jpop -- love it all! People in asia have such great style.

  11. wow, the leopard skirt you pieced is just perfect, perfect!!!!!!

  12. so umm...i have a crush on your blog.