Sunday, 10 June 2012

Photo attack! KKCenterhk false lashes review

In the dawn of time, I was given the chance to review some lashes by KKCenterhk and I have just gotten around to make a review, I am the worst sponsoree ever.

I was allowed to pick these lashes which are by ES. 

The reason I chose these over say a less natural pair is recently is because I wanted something that's more suitable for daily wear. 

Let me talk you through these bad boys.
I have too many falsies knocking around my room... overly photoshopped pic time!
In each pack, you'll receive 10 pairs of lashes. They're all hand made and have a clear, flexible band.
Proud that I did something different with my hair today

How are these photos even relevant, I hope you enjoy them somewhat
For anyone that likes Gyaru makeup like myself, don't fret that they might be too short width ways, they're perfect for elongated makeup.  

Check out my bling
 Even thought the band is quite thin and clear, the lashes are surprisingly strong. I've yet to rip a pair apart like I have done with other lashes I have.
Sorry I could only keep a serious face for so long
 OK now a picture that actually shows you the lashes clearly. They're pretty natural but lovely and long!
Pretend you don't notice my bottom lashes falling off
I wore them with my Macaron Brown lenses which I reviewed in this previous post and my Diamond baby eye bottom lashes 
The box cost $14.90 a box and if you work it out, it's less than $1.50 (£1) for a pair of lashes which is amazing!

 BUT! I've been given the chance to offer a discount code. If you type galaxygirl into the discount code bar when purchasing a product from KKCenterhk, you'll get 10% off your purchase~


  1. Awww Emmie, you're so adorable!! Esp in this picture C: And is that Jedward I spy hahaha.

  2. I love these lashes, the lenses too and damn girl I'm still in love with your hair - so fricken awesome. (*--*)

  3. Dafuq, how did you manage to make a lash review so funny and entertaining. You're like magical or something gurl.

    1. LOLOL I'm glad you find them funny :,D

  4. they look great on you!

    XO Sahra

  5. These look great on you! I have the problem of overly fancy lashes making me look like an even fancier drag queen so I would love to pick up a more natural type like this next time. And your haaaaaaaairrr <3

    (Btw the outfit you posted below reminds me so much of the MISHKA stuff that all the hardcore/scene kids wear to shows over here XDD Brands unrelated though, I guess?)

  6. i used to be a lash retard, bought lashes NEVER could put them on! But recently I DID IT I have accomplished something in life TT^TT you look too QT!