Monday, 21 May 2012

May Adventures (or lack of)

I have officially finished my first year at university as a fashion marketing student. My dorm room has been cleared and everything in it taken back home; I have a house for next year so it's all good! I've been quite busy since I've been back home meeting friends, seeing family and doing chores etc. I haven't really got anything terribly exciting to say, nor pictures so here's a couple of outfits shots from the last few days. I just jazzed them up a bit...
Last week I went to the British Library with Ananya, Marie, Randa and Dodo to do revision (not that I had any to do) and I wore my new (well vintage) baby doll dress that I got from Rokit. My friends always seen to come away from vintage shops with a ton of awesome stuff and I have no idea how to they do it because I am absolutely rubbish at navigating vintage stores but I have found a new love for layering lingerie and nightwear :,D

As I was away at university, my mum decided to stuff a load of her old 80s and 90s clothes in my wardrobe because it was so empty so I was sneaky and tried them on! My mum was just as thin as I was before she had kids LOL. Look at the sleeves!! I'm thinking of slicing it up a bit and getting rid of the sleeves because the front panel is just so cute ;_;

This thing is an absolute monster, it was kind of big and the shoulder pads are so big that you would probably get wedged in a door frame but its really well constructed and it's all lined and I'm obsessed with lining.

In other news:
. Me and my friends have been helping out some friends with a Fashion Journalism project about Style Tribes, ours being influenced by London and Japanese street fashions, so I've been kind of busy with that and I've got some more filming to do on Friday. 

. Friday is also when I receive a very important phone call, and I am wetting myself so wish me luck!! 

. I saw my friends 7 week old baby and I am in love with him and want to steal him (and when you tickle him under the arms, he looks exactly like this Slow Loris.

. My hair extensions had to be removed because my roots started to actually dread (but more about that in another post!) so now my hair is boring and short again.

. I have been watching way too many cartoons recently including Shirokuma Cafe, Ed Edd n Eddy, Adventure Time, Planates and Regular Show. I'm kind of running out of demented cartoons to watch so please recommend me some!

. I am selling some of my old clothes that I don't wear or fit anymore, so if you're interested, click the 'SALES' button in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

I'm off to Shoreditch with Ananya tomorrow to bum around. I'll just leave you with this picture lololol...
Me being sexy in space while partying with Mordecai and Rigby


  1. You look really good in maxi skirts! You've got the proper shape for it ^^

  2. Cutay cutaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


    congrats on finishing uni and good luck for your phone call!

  4. I didn't go British Library with you guys! SOMEONES BEEN SMOKING TOO MUCH NONEXISTENT CRACK.

    1. oh yeah lol my memory is becoming really bad

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