Friday, 4 May 2012

Macaron brown lens review

So forever ago I was sent some lovely new lenses by Yes I am the worse lens sponsoree of all time.

I was allowed to pick which pair I would like so I settled on Macaron Brown by Royal vision
Stats time!

Brand: Royal Vision

Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable

The box is so cute, it has 3D glitter in it which the camera didn't pick up
Out of all the lenses I have ever been sent or have purchased this is only the second time I have received a proper box that contained the lens bottles. This was strangely reassuring. 

Let's have a look at the lenses~

They are more hazel than brown but still very very pretty!

 These lenses are very similar in design to the Puffy 3 tone series which are designed to look natural while still giving an enlarging effect.

What a flattering shot
As you can see the way that they blend into the eye is pretty natural and you have to be really up close to be able to see the pixelation.

They are as comfortable as 14.5mm are going to get. I can wear them for hours and they are still comfortable.

Look: ★ 
I LOVE the look of these. I know I say this every single time I get a new pair of lenses but each new pair I get I seem to like the look more because I'm starting to understand what style of lenses I like the most

Enlarge effect: 
They do make your eyes look big but not in a scary way. You can easily wear natural makeup and they don't make you look like an alien.

These are my favourite lenses so far. They're brilliant for all occasions and all styles of makeup. They are brilliant if you love Mode-gal or mode style which are the styles I really like at the moment.

The new extensions have given up the ghost. They do not take well to styling at all now. -le cry-
80% of my life.

If you want a pair, click here and they're $28.95 at the moment!

Eyecandy lens have a massive variety of lenses and if you get stuck over what style of lens you want, they have style categories to help you which categories such as 'bold and daring', 'for him' (for the boys obvz) and 'gyaru style' plus loads more..

I know that here been quite a lot of scares recently about fake and even defective lenses recently. You must remember though that even genuine lenses can have defects so it is very important that if they cause you discomfort or they feel like there is something stuck in them even once you have cleaned then, do not wear them and throw them away. It is not work risking your eyesight for.
Please take the necessary precautions when wearing your lenses and make sure you do not wear them for more than 8 hours at a time and make sure that a cleaned and securely stores after each use!


  1. Replies
    1. Camera angles are my best friend lol

  2. Ohhh I like these ones! They remind me of the berry holic (?) lenses you gave me last year :)! They're totally dead now omfg, I need to buy a new pair, they've gone all hard and dead LOL
    U rook pretty even with your cray weave <3

    1. Lol I swear they died within days of you having them XD
      They are quite a lot different to berry holics in person, i found berry holics looked like the sesame greys minus the black ring around the outside.

  3. LOL I love how serious you are at the end of this post! totally doesn't sound like you :P x

  4. Aren't eyecandy lenses the ones who stocks fake lenses? oO

    1. No they aren't. One of the main scares was from their site but the lenses were legitimate, as I said at the bottom even legitimate lenses don't guarantee not having defects. I can name plenty of other lens sites that sell fake lenses...

    2. Yess~~. Thumbs up to your reply.

      I'd buy from ECL still if they had lenses I wanted for the lowest price available. Otherwise, I buy from other places, as I'm a cheap-o~.

      S'not because of the unfortunate business with Mint~. D:

      Anyywayyy-- I LOVE your hair! Pfft--who cares if it refuses to be styled: it looks gorgeous as is. ;D The lenses are pretty, too. Natural on you, but still add a little something to your overall look~.

  5. Glad to hear you didnt have any problems as this was the site and also the lense type that caused all the scares D:
    and I love your weave, I need me a weave again D:

  6. These lenses are defective! Hysteric Mint blogged about it here:
    Just letting you know!
    Have a nice day!

    1. Thank you for the concern, I have read the entry before, hence why I wrote what I did at the bottom of the entry.

      Even if lenses are legitimate, you can't 100% guarantee that they will not be defective. I have received faulty lenses from sponsors before. If they don't feel right in my eye after 2-3 separate washing sessions, I just told my sponsors that I can't review them and they've usually been really understanding.

  7. Gorgeous lenses,love your make up too:).Glad you`ve not had any problems with them.

  8. These lenses are gorgeous, very sweet & natural looking!