Friday, 20 April 2012

S/S2012 wish list

You always seem to find that when you don't have money, suddenly your dream-everything pops up all over the place and it leaves you in a fetal wreck because you can't afford to buy any of it.
If I miraculously wasn't a poverty-stricken student who actually understood the concept of budgeting, or  and a pile of money just appeared in the corner of my bedroom, these are some of the things that I would get.
Starting from the top left clockise round.

Meadham Kirchhoff Doll face-tshirt I think it might be sold out in Topshop

Romwe Black pleated top BLACK -hiss- old habits die hard

Sretsis unicorn skirt. I have never wanted a skirt so much in my entire life

Celeste Stein 'First Kiss' socks The dude angel has tactfully had his crotch covered in flowers

Romwe galaxy skirt Because nothing screams 'hipster' more than galaxy print

Asos head band Because sometimes, occasions call for you to look like a genie

Fred Butler triangle body contraption I'm going all out here

Mary Katrantzou unicorn dress (Can you tell I like unicorns yet)

I'm your present fannypack (or bumbag as we call them here)

Kandee pony skin shoes, I feel happy just looking at them

The OTT girliness of this season's trends might make some girls feel a bit uncomfortable, we've gotten so used to dressing in leather and studs that a sudden change to pastel hues and ethereal cuts are a bit of a shock to the system.
I think the key to pulling off this girly look is to wear it with attitude and an air of irony and tough it up a bit with some killer shoes or accessories.

I will now begin starving myself in an attempt to save up for the Sretsis skirt. 

And in keeping with the ethereal-ness, have a fitting song~


  1. Call me wind because I am blown away by your post!

  2. Remember the mint green dress I was crying about yesterday on twitter? :p they have it in black and it costs something like 4-5£ (+ 5£ shipping) if you're interested c: you could crop it to make it a shirt
    Anyways I'm in love with the Sretis and the Romwe galaxy skirts *-* good luck on saving up moneyz!

    1. That's an absolute bargain!! thank you dear :D

  3. Replies
    1. same omg. Why are nice things so expensive DX

  4. All the stuff looks awesome! I really hope you get the smiley boots. They are freaking fab! XD

  5. I'm dying over the Stretsis unicorn skirt. I swear i'd die and go to heaven if I could own that piece of pure beauty.

  6. I want the Meadham Kirchoff tee soooo bad. And the sexual romewe skirt. You can never have too much galaxy print! x

  7. Actually I really like this season's pastell trend. I mean leather and studs are pretty cool as well but damn that galaxy print skirt is HOT :O

  8. unf unf Sretsis unicorn skirt is hot, their collections are so cute, and omfg Fred Butler's collection is ghuierhgrie, I want everything pastel-y from there D8

    I can tell all the halal dreamz gyaldem are going to end up with the angel socks after seeing the picture of that girl wearing them, lol.

  9. Your blog is so amazing and these finds are awesome. I love galaxy prints so much and have had my eye on the Meadham Kirchoff for Topshop top for a long time and was going to get it but then bought something else instead! <3

  10. o_o! That Meadham Kirchhoff top is perfect!

  11. Hate that ugly galaxy print .It is so dated ,my wife was wearing it 15 years ago