Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What's in my makeup bag

I've seen quite a few people do 'what's in my makeup bag' posts add I love seeing them so I thought I would do one of my own This is my every-day makeup back, that I bought from TJK Maxx. You can't really tell but it's star print. 

I've had this baby for about three years now. It doesn't like water very much as the colour has a tendency to run whenever I put it on wet surfaces.
Open it up and viola
Everything basically falls out anyway
As a girl, makeup is a rather important part of my life so I like to make sure my makeup is well looked after
You can never have too many blushes. There are certain events in life that call for orange blusher.
1. Barry M in Pink Orchid
2. Nars in Angelika
3. 17 in First Kiss
4. Candy Doll in Carrot orange
5. Mac in Well Dressed ( I think)
6. Farmasi in 593 whatever that is

Eye junk. I warn you now, never rub your eyes when wearing the glam crystals stuff, glitter will blind you.
warning, punny alert
1. Rimmel ScandaEyes mascara
2. Collection 2000 Glam crystals gel liner
3. Revlon Custom Eyes

Complete impulse buy here. The packaging is basically a replica of these eye shadows by makeup brand Jill Stuart and they were like 1/8 of the price so thank you Claire's Accessories and your blatant plagiarism!
From Claires accessories believe it or not!
Lip stuff that isn't lipstick

1. Lipcote for sealing lipstick
2. Too Faced lip injection for plumping lips
3. Clinique lipgloss in Currant
4. Sleek lip tiny in The Afterparty

Brow pencils, essential for allowing your face to show emotion
I frequently forget to pencil in my eyebrows and that scared a few people
1. 17 in dark brown?
2. 2true in dark brown

Eye defining implements
1. MyFace pencil eyeliner in Black
2. K-pallet Real Lasting 24 hour eyeliner pen (true to the name)
3. Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner in black

Lip sticks
1. Benefit in Flirt Alert
2. Natural collection in Crimson
3. Mac Saint Germain
4. I forget, it was from boots
5. 17 in Bee Hive
6. Mac in Snob
7. Nyx in Fig

Face things
1. Natural collection "translucent face powder"-lies-
2. Sephora Primer
3. Revlon Colorstay in Buff
4. Sleek conture powder in pale

Ananya and I think girls shouldn't go to OTT with makeup and it should just be used it to enhance your natural beauty so here's some simple, natural looks that you can recreate at home.

We get all the boys


  1. Wonderful makeup bag filled with goodies xx

  2. lol that last picture.. <3 love love love makeup! you can never have too many blushes!

  3. 8D but you're not wearing any makeup in the last photo <3 <3

  4. AWWW fankz bbz. see dats duh power of makeup!

  5. WOW WOW !! A lot of cute stuff! >o<

  6. Such natural beauties ♥

  7. Wow so much blush! I should take this as an inspiration to try different ones as well xD

  8. Ah god I know what you mean about that glitter eyeliner.
    I love that you have a selection of every item. I'm terrible at hoarding beauty items and waiting until I've used one before I can use another.

  9. i love claire's blatant plagiarism!! XD just cause i can get stuff cheaper, but i don't know what they're thinking over at this company lol.

  10. PMSL I only just noticed you posted that picture up LUUUUUUL. WE ROOK SO NATURAL, NE?!1!