Friday, 23 March 2012

My Spring Style Inspirations [for the moment!]

Hey guys. It's 10:30pm on a Friday and it feels like it's really really late for some reason.

I was looking back through posts from the last year and a bit and I was looking at my Fashion Inspiration post from 2010 and thought that I should make another one for this year

My personal style has gone through a bit of a metamorphosis over the last year so I thought I'd give you a little run down on my favorite fashionistas and inspirations for Spring 2012.
I wish I could spent $500 on my hair every month..
Momoko is the designer of one of my all-time favourite brands, Murua, a "モード系" or "mode style" brand which caters to girls who love the glamorous look of Western high-fashion. 
I love her styling it's just so... CLASSY and in a way, she makes me want to dress more adult and that kind of scares me. I also really love her makeup at the moment. I'm trying to make my makeup a little more natural (as natural as gyaru with its false lashes and contact lenses can get). Momoko is a true inspiration. She's absolutely gorgeous, the face of her own brand, super successful and she's so young. I would love to have the same kind of drive that she does. 

Floaty floaty
I couldn't think of a more suitable name but the pictures kind of speak or themselves. Recently I'e been finding myself more attracted to light colours and anything that looks vaguely ethereal, religious, bridal, royal-like. I've been eyeing up designers like Galliano, Inbar Spector, old-school Thierry Mugler and Givenchy[couture]. I think it stems from my child-hood desire to be a fairy princess. Traditionally, fairy tales have never had happy endings (I still want to be a fairy though) and I've always loved the whole oxymoron thing, and I love the contrast between how pretty they look at first glance but their the underlying themes and inspirations are so dark.  

Trashy glory
I don't know about any of you but sometimes I just have the most over-whelming urge to want to look as tacky as possible. Kuronba is one of the more extreme styles that falls under the Gyaru genre. It's characteristics are giant hair, deep tans, extreme eye makeup, animal print, booty shorts, injury-inducing glittery talons, hoe gold, tacky belts, basically embodying everything stereo-typically tacky.
When I was in Tokyo, Marie, Amelie and I were getting hair sets and this girl right here walks into the salon and her all-denim and leopard fur D.I.A outfit and I was completely in awe. Her clothes were everything that fashion has ever taught me to despise but as a whole look, with the panda makeup and the suji mori hair it actually looked really good.
I still think its weird that someone found this photo from the day we saw this gal.
I feel like with most gals looks, its more polished than what we might see as its European equivalent. I have no idea if this sort of Barbie/glamour model look has a proper name but every country in Europe has its variation, but I've never been a fan of it. Too much boobs.

Stuck in the early 2000s. Worst. fashion period. Ever
On to the boys. I've been starting to pay more attention to what guys are wearing at the moment because I have began to find out that there are some amazing clothes out there for guys, it just takes some hunting.

I'm not really a fan of main stream mens' fashion in England because here, "fashion " for boys is basically looking like One Direction and having hair like Joey Essex or Harry Styles and thinking wearing Jack Wills shit makes them look hot.
It really isn't
I tend to prefer how Asian boys dress because generally think it's a lot more interesting to look at. There doesn't seem to be a "gay" way of dressing unlike here where anything other than jeans, a super dry t-shirt and some espadrilles is really pushing the boundaries so it's a bit freer than Western fashion. Plus with the following guys, I would happily wear everything they own.

Key from SHINee obviously. You cannot talk about Korean mens fashion and not talk about this guy.

"Can you just be my best friend please?"
I absolutely rave about this boy. His bitchy attitude, slutty dancing and killer day-wear just completely captured my heart. I could totally see myself wearing most of the stuff in his wardrobe, mainly because majority of his clothes are from unisex or women's brands that just happen to be my favourites like KTZ, Jeremy Scott, JCDC and Walter Van Bierendonck. I love how much personality he put into his clothes and his accessories are really fun. And weird. Bones, Lady GaGa's face, green mustaches...
When I read this interview that he did with Dazed and Confused Korea a couple of months ago where he talked about fashion and his trip to England where he met Carri Munden from Casette Playa -hyperventilate-I nearly died from excitement because I actually knew everything he was talking about. 
...And I like his unashamed crazy too.
"GD it's me in the flesh, from top to the bottom so freshly dressed"
This guy is responsible for making me fall in love with Korean Pop. The happened to stumble across his video for Heartbreaker and my first thought was "Holy shit, this is amazing, why did I not find out about this guy sooner" and yeah his style is pretty fucking cool. At this point in time, I don't think I can use words to express my feelings towards his clothes, so instead this gif shall sum it up for me.

Yup, pretty much
 And that concludes this post! Despite my horrible descriptions of everything, this post took me like 3 days on and off, pathetic I know and I'm kind of drunk right now...?

So what inspires your style current style?



    and lol that last gif is amazing

    If only all guys (especially client LOL!) dressed like this....


    Tacky skanky gals all the way!! But i do love MURUA as well :))

  3. Awesome post! :D Really like how you made the collages ^^
    Quite like the look of Kuronba o_O Why have I not heard of this before? :P

  4. Thank you :DD
    Kuronba is the proper terminology for what people call 'tsuyome' gal

  5. He's proper kray but Joonie will always be my man <3 YES KOREA GO GO GO

    Force client-san, deprive him of "the goods" otherwise lolol


    Momoko reminds me that I'm a hideous beast because she's just too damn amazing! She can even pull off the side horns, which I thought were impossibru.

    Key's shirt pins win me over and his love of bones. I've been looking at pins on Melody Eshani and Key inspires me more to buy them.

    G Dragon needs to stop himself. Because he's going to make the ovaries explode of too many women in Korea and beyond and they're going to have a baby crisis.

  7. oh god i love momoko, she makes me want to dress more sophisticated and adult and go for the natural gyaru makeup because it looks so good on her.. i do love her style a lot! but on the other hand, i been in love with the gaudy, over-the-top kuronba style with tacky d.i.a. belts and big hair, that's what i love about gal the most! i like how you did the comparison with the glamour girl - it's interesting to see the similarities within those two styles but i definitely agree that kuronba is more polished and as less trashy! thanks for posting!

  8. and man i wish i could have seen that girl with the denim in person!

  9. <3 G-DRAGON! I'm always inpirated for Korean idols! hahaha I think that they a lot of times are more refreshing thaht a lot of japanase models!

  10. Yes, I think so :D Plus I love how Korean idols tend to wear American and European brands which shows us that we do have interesting brands in our countries :D just expensive ones...

  11. haha, I wish there was a brand out there that was a combinations of DIA and Murua 8D

    I don't know her blog but I've been trying to look for it, I'll let you know if I find it

  12. all i have to say is : HEY IS PERFECT!! xDD