Monday, 11 April 2011

Buying crap, Facehunter and future stuff

Hello lovelies!!

It's now the Easter Holidays so I have decided that it's going to be a constructive 2 weeks and I will not sit on my ass on tumblr or shop too much! I've already had a pretty eventful few days.

On Saturday, my friend Jess and I went to the local park for a picnic and on the way back I went a bit mad in Boots.

I really need to find a more attractive surface to take photos of stuff on. My floor is so ugly and makes everything look boring. 

This Neutrogena vibrating face scrubbing thing. It looks like a weird sex toy...
Basically you can buy packs of these pads like the ones below and they contain cleansing soap and do different stuff for your skin and they attach to the main scrubbing with with a kind of velcro.
Left: Blackhead clearing (ew) Right: exfoliating
It works SO WELL. It massages your face, cleanses you skin and generally works amazingly, not bad for £6!

and because I ran out of MAC fluid line, I tried this baby.

Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner! It is AMAZING. If you're thinking about buying the Mac Fluid line, just get this instead. Srsly. It's only £7 and comes with an amazing brush that makes it super easy to apply.

and some lipstick because I hardly own any

Left: 17, Beehive.Right: 17, Cashmere Blush
They were about £4. They look pretty bright here, especially the Cashmere Blush one but they're both quite sheer

and some cheap-ass moisturizer that was like £1 by Boots. It's pretty nice actually!

Here's a picture of my cat for good measure.
Chi says Hi
I haven't shown any outfits for a while so here's what I've been wearing recently. Yes i am obsessed with my new Primark skirt and Litas. 

My bedroom looked like a bomb went off in it hence why I coloured out most of the backgrounds 

 Vintage Girly look for the pub
 College outfit

 Another college outfit
Outfit for the day

Me and my older sister decided to go up to London because we were bored, Our parents have gone away to our house in Cyprus for 2 weeks so we have full reign of the house here til they get back.

Originally we were jsut going to go to some art galleries but somehow we ended up at Oxford Street and a pair of round River Island sunglasses ended up in my possession somehow, and coincidentally £13 went missing from my purse soon afterward. Funny that~

As son as I bought the glasses, I ripped off the price tag and wore them immediately.

So me and my sis were minding our business when a guy (Yvan Rodic) with a camera comes up to me with a camera and said he was from the blog Face Hunter, which sounded strangely familiar, and   he wanted to take my photos of my outfit. So after posing awkwardly in the middle of Oxford Street we said our goodbyes and I tottered off feeling like a total bad-man. On getting home I remembered Face Hunter is also a series of photographic books, like seriously awesome photos. I looked at the face hunter website and I saw all these amazingly dressed girls and guys and I'm seriously flattered that Yvan liked my outfit, everyone he photographed for his site are such amazing dressers, I feel like I don't compare!!
I also got told my a man that my skirt is going to fly up in the wind. I really wanted to flash him my shorts underneath my skirt and tell him I came prepared for such an occasion but that may have been inappropriate.
I have a couple more posts planned for the next few days including a room tour~ I've wanted to do one for a while and I actually tidied my room in preparation and another lens review~

And randomly, did anyone see F.Cuz's LeeU and SuG's Takeru talking to each other on twitter yesterday? I nearly hyperventilated!!! They were both like ' I MISS YOU KSDGJSG' 


I'm waiting for a Takeru and LeeU relationship scandal to arise. I want it to happen so much
THE HAPPY COUPLE. They will have a beautiful pink haired child and it's name will bee ....ReeRu



  1. Wowie, that's amaazing that you've got your photo taken by him! I would've felt really shy at first lawls :P
    Lovin' the outfits as well ^^ Dang, I wish I could shop in London D:

  2. Your outfits are so stylish ! :O
    Nice to hear that about the maybeline eyeliner. I thought about buying it but i wasnt sure.. :3

  3. Awh~ you and your messy room xD
    Love your outfits~~ ^^ <3

  4. Awh~ you and your messy room xD
    Love your outfits~~ ^^ <3