Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas presents and stuff

Merry belated Christmas yall! I hope you all had an awesome day!

Mine was pretty fun~

My mothers side of the family i.e. the Turkish ones came over to celebrate with us. I don't know about any other Turkish families at Christmas, but for mine, Christmas too isn't much of a big deal and it revolves around eating more than gift-giving. Turks love food more than most things so any excuse for a get-together with food!
My nan made me laugh because she
decided to bring Humous (A Turkish/Greek dip made from chick peas) with her for us to have with our Christmas meal. Oh nene, you cray-cray!

Here's a couple of things I got from my parents~ (I picked these all myself haha)

Flat boots!

My mum's been desperate for me to get a pair of flat boots for ages because 90% of my shoes either high-heels or are so battered looking that they're almost unwearable. I was a little adamant to get these at first because these kind of boots are really popular with girls at the moment and I'm not one for UK street trends but I really liked the buckle and stud detail on these~

They were £32(I think) from Bank

Furry boot covers! These seem to be a pretty popular Gyaru trend at the moment. There was a stall in one of the malls near me that had a whole selection of these and I couldn't resist! 

They had grey, black, darker brown and a few other colours too.

They were quite pricey at £15 but they're beautifully lined and super warm! I might go back and get another pair in black~

and yet another new coat. The way it's hanging doesn't do it justice, it's so pretty once it's on~

It cinches is nicely at the waist!
I feel like a princess in it! -sigh- Oh coat, I love you so much! 
I think it was about £80 from Miss Selfridge

Sooooo that was my Christmas for you! 

I achieved a personal goal of gaining weight over Christmas~ 4kg! I'm so happy =D 
It just proves how much weight I could gain if I didn't walk to and from college every day SEE MUM I'm not that lazy! I do exercise!!

I'll probably do another blog entry the next few days so I can show you some new makeup that I got~ I hope you guys are enjoying the Christmas holidays so far! Tschus!


  1. Late Merry Christmas to you~!

    The gifts your got are so great though! The boots and coat are definitely... <3

  2. The boots and furry boot covers are awesome!

  3. The oots are absolutely OMG best ever! :O