Wednesday, 16 June 2010

graduate fashion week adventures

As a part of my college course, my class attended London Graduate fashion week on Tuesday last week. It's the time time Ive been to such an event~ I'm a massive fan of high-fashion so I was super excited!~

If you don't know what it is, the clue is in the title, it's an event with displays all the garments created by University Fashion student graduates from around the UK as well as promoting various Fashion and art based Universities!

it was an incredible event, I wish I bought my camera with me 9I was convinced we weren't allowed to take pictures0 but I snapped a few on my Iphone when possible.

We only payed to see one Uni's designs, which was Du Montford~ I was super impressed by their stuff.

The male models were gorgeous XD I took as many pictures of them as I could haha.

I can't imagine ever being able to produce such amazing garments like Du Montford student *_* They're so talented!

I only managed to shoot one pictures outside the fashion show itself. This particular collection was Designed by a girl called Kitty Keay from Colchester School of Art and Design. Her designs really stuck out for me! I wish I got better pictures, it was such a fun collection!
The colours were a gorgeous mix of pinks, lilacs and yellows. Think 70s wallpaper XD I love how this collection has a sense of humour, the furry pink think has a bear head and eyes.~ 
I hope she does well in the future, the fashion world needs more humor.

As well as giving out Uni prospectus, they were giving out cute photo cards of all the students designs. I picked up every one I saw.

They're all going on my wall to inspire me to do better at my own fashion coursework.!~

 This took way to long to write.

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  1. Wow that's so cool, I wish I could go see an event like that. Student designers are always so daring and creative!

    And those postcards are fab, I would have grabbed them all too hehe^^

  2. Gave you an award sweetie~

  3. Please can you tell me, how you made your own background?! Thank you.

  4. Please can you tell me, how you made your own background?! Thank you.