Thursday, 24 June 2010

Why do i always get approached by weirdos at train stations!?

I was walking down the tube station and suddenly this guy starts walking next to me and he says 'the flute sounds nice, doesn't it' , talking about the busker playing' and I was like '...yeah heh' and take one of my earphones out, so then he's like ' OH you had your earphones in so you didn't hear, I said that the flute playing sounds nice'. so I was like '...riiight...' and he wandered off in front of me. He used reading the adverts on the sides of the wall as an excuse to keep turning to look at me. WHAT A CREEPER. He was like 30 or some shit with rank hair and flip flops D:


Here's some stuff that I've bought recently~

I ordered 2 Usamimi headbands a few weeks ago for myself and Amelie and they arrived yesterday~ This is my one~ White with black polkadots. I bought from here, they were super cheap, like £4.70 each~

Remember my black tie-dye maxi dress I posted a few entries back? Well these shoes weer bought to match~

Such a bargain! They were reduced from 24 and they're really cute~ There's a little wedge heel too!

This is what I bought today!~
Tribal harem pants!1 I'm in LOVE with them. I saw them and knew I had to buy them ♥ They're made of a floaty fabric and they're so cool to wear... Now to find a top that matches..

I got some other things, but I'll post those in another entry. I have to get ready for work now. Bye xx


  1. I loved the hairband, it's really cute!:D

    Omg that creepy man was...weird..But it's kind of bad uh, be safe, you never know when those people are really bad!x.x

  2. the headband looks mega cute on you! eek creppy men!!

  3. Cute buys, haha what a weirdo xD

  4. Atleast that weird guy didn't do anything more than make pointless comments and look at you.

    Anyhow, the usamimi look so cute on you!~ I love how your curly hair looks so beautiful^^

    And those harem pants are awesome!! I want some too, we had them in stores here last year but now I can't find them TT

  5. I take the train often and find guys are so total bizarre-os when it comes to the train! It's like that's their "perv time" and you're just fresh meat *cries ;_;*

    Adorable usamimis~! I love the pattern types so much. You've got gorgeous locks too btw :O

  6. usamimi!!!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing where to buy them! I was looking for them! You look so cute, that is why that creep had no choice but to talk to you =.=

  7. cute! wear it for chessington!

  8. omg usamimi are sooo cute ;_; i need them too, haha <3

  9. Wow ! >:3

    You are so pretty ! ♥

  10. omg usamimi are sooo cute ;_; i need them too, haha <3