Sunday, 11 November 2012

Personal Planner Giveaway. Wooohoooo!!

A couple of days ago I was contacted by the guys at about doing a little giveaway for my readers to which I said yes, obviously, cos I love you guys :)

If you would like the chance to win your own customised planner or notebook from Personal Planner all you have to do is 'Like' their facebook page! Simple right?

Just sign up via the raffle copter widget, as well as entering your name and email address, and then I'll announce the winner on the 18th of November; exactly a week from now.

What is Personal Planner you ask? Well the name is on the tin; you can check out my earlier blog post about their planners here where I show you my own custom planner that I got to make as well as how to use the website. 
Dat face
 So what's the cause for celebration? Well:
  1. It's nearly christmas
  2. Everyone likes saving money and bargains
  3. Personal Planner have now greatly reduced the cost of their custom planners and notebooks and that is pretty rad :)
When I first got my planner, the prices were as follows
Still was totally worth it though.
But now they are way cheaper at almost £8 less! Now you can buy 10.
Nothing sexier than a bargain
The cost of their custom notebooks has also dropped to the following

Small             £8.99
Medium         £9.99
A5                 £11.99
Large            £12.99

I absolutely love my planner that I made. It goes absolutely everywhere with me and has been my absolute savior at university you do check it out!
'Liking' their page and giving me your name and email address are compulsory, otherwise i won't be able to contact you to let you know if you've won.

Good luck my darlings~


  1. Can we still enter if we live in the USA?

  2. Entered! I love them so have like everything crossed :D

  3. Soooo exited!!! Just received your mail! <3<3<3<3