Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Autumn 2012 Wardrobe Additions

 Oh My Prince- Neon Bunny

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I've been rather absent from the blogging world recently. Welp I'm back with a quick post of some new additions to my autumn wardrobe~

Autumn is probably my favourite season for clothes because I love being able to layer clothes up.
Everything I bought is pretty much all black, I really need to get some more colours into my autumn wardrobe but black is just so versatile ;_;

For this season, I want a bit more of a mature look. I'm approaching 21 and my face is too stroppy looking to suit cute styles anymore. While I still want to be a little weird with the way I dress, there's no more flouncy skirts for me (besides I kind of like looking scary, it makes me feel powerful...)

#Caaaat face he's got a big cat's face, he's got the body of a cat and the face of a cat....#
First up is these amazing cat face wedges that I bought from ebay. I'm in the process of hunting down things to wear to London fashion week, but I don't have much money at the moment being a jobless student. They have the best heel EVER, they're so flattering though the dip at the front makes them kind of hard to walk in.

When I was in Cornwall I went to a pop-up vintage London shop and I bought this real leather dolphin belt for £4! I have a lot of issues with belts not being small enough for my waist but this fits me perfectly!

I went shopping with my mum a couple of days ago and we made the terrible decision of going into Zara. I went mad. There was so much amazing stuff. Zara is really hit-and-miss at times but for the beginning of Autumn season, their stuff was amazing. 

You know how your eyes are supposed to dilate when you see things that you like? I'm pretty sure my eyes were the size of plates. I ran around like a mad woman picking up stuff. In the end I settled with 2 things.

I tried on this jacket and my mother literally screamed and demanded she bought it for me (OK mum if you insist) I love quilted anything and this jacket made me feel  like Mademoiselle Yulia and its about time that i got a new jacket.

I also saw these cute little leather babies. The heels are really small in comparison to what I normally wear but they're super comfy and are really versatile for autumn. The best part of them is the little gold bit on the heel, I think that is such a lovely touch ;_;


And in other news; I recently went to an interview for a job that I applied to earlier in the year and I am pleased to report that I GOT THE JOB!
I am now a core member of an up-coming website called StyleHoney.com!
It's been a really long process and the whole thing is unlike any interview or job application I've ever done but after months of conversing, tossing ideas around and emails and finally a face-to-face meeting I was told then that I had the job!
I don't know how much I can reveal about the website at the moment (so I shan't!) but please check it out and sign up on the mail listing, the first version of the website should be out soonish.
It's an incredibly exciting and big project and will be a first of its kind! I wish I could say more~ In the meeting I was briefed about what's been planned and the vision for the website and it's all so exciting I could roll around on the floor and cry!
I'm really fortunate to have a part in it and I'm so grateful that the founding members saw potential in me. I can't wait to get stuck in! 

I'm determined to work extra hard this new semester at university, with my grades, my new job, (and being less of a party pooper). If any of you have tips for keeping organised and motivated, please share them as I definitely need them!

I'll now leave you with my failed attempt of making a meditation altar.


  1. Omg congrats on your new job!! What's the role?
    Wish i had cool job like yours! i'm just a crappy OL girl stuck in small office ;_;


    1. Thaaankss bby :) Not too sure, I don't think there's an official title at the moment but I think I'll be allocated one.

      You are the BAMFest OL ever gurl, be proud

  2. In Love with your zara finds!!
    I only go on their website since the only
    zara near me is too far :/

    congrats on your new job!!
    will def check out the site!!

    as for staying motivated I like to
    have something to look forward to everyday
    no matter how small it might be :D

  3. I love your cat face shoes! : D So adorable!

  4. Congrats on the job. Love the vintage belt.
    Woot woot. You can't be too old for cute looks at 21! I'm 33 and sometimes I dress like a 3 y.o. ;)

    xxx, Lara

    1. Thank you :DD

      Whaaaaatttt?! No way are you 33, you look like a teenager XD

  5. omg I am in love with both of your new pair of shoes *O* especially the cat face shoes although they do look like they're hard to walk with. And congratulations on your new job, it sounds really interesting and I'm really looking forward to the launching of stylehoney

    1. Thank you. The cat shoes are a bit of a nightmare to walk in only because the way that the front of them curves up and doesn't touch the floor, makes your foot roll strangely when you walk.

      And thank yooou. It's gonna be super amazing. Version 1.0 of the website comes out in a few weeks and won't look too pretty, but at the end of the year, the full pretty website should be up :))

  6. Great stuff!



  8. Congratulations on all your rightful purchases <3