Monday, 4 June 2012

Casette Playa Photo Booth

 Daily song: Ego- Big Bang
On Friday, RandaAnzDodoMarie and I went along to one of the Tate Britain gallery's 'Late at Tate' events which they hold fashion, art and music events after museum closing time. This week one of our favorite designers Casette Playa had a special purikura inspired photobooth set up there which you could take pictures and decorate them and have them turned into gifs, and we HAD to be there.
Outfit repeating and smiling like a maniac.
For any of you lot who are Korean pop fans (particularly Shawols) Casette Playa a.k.a Carri Munden is the designer who Key hung out with when SHINee were in England last year.

I fan-girl'd for about 20 hours when I heard this.
We met up with Siqi who has a similar interest in fashion as we do. Unfortunately, the rest of us were a bit dim and we went to the wrong Tate gallery (Tate modern rather than Tate Britain, oopsy!) so we had to trek half the way across London to the right one. And were late. We're sorry Siqi LOL  

The museum was surprisingly busy and there was a fashion show and music event going on. While flapping around trying to find the CP booth, we bumped into Joel from The Hallowed Ground, who I'm a big fan of and blogged about in an entry about my favourite male bloggers. That was an unexpected surprise!

We all went to the CP booth together. It was kind of hard squeezing 7 people into such a small space, like normal purikura booths
You could decorate the pictures with frames and stickers, which would have been awesome but we didn't quite grasp how to put the stickers on
We stole Carri for a photograph. She's absolutely lovely! And really cute! We were chatting about our home-county, Kent and she told me I have a Kent accent. Now I am very conscious of my accent because I didn't know I had one. LOL
Us with Carri infront of the booth, which is covered in one of her popular prints. 
We weren't at the museum for very long and Joel had to catch his train back home, but hopefully we'll be able to hang out with him again soon :DD

After the rest of us stuffed our faces at McDonalds, Ananya, Marie and I were supposed to go clubbing but we got bored about about 20 minutes (we went clubbing too earlier, it was so quiet) and went to meet back up with Dodo and Finlay. And then being the anti-social bunch we are, just went back to Finlay's house and made ice-cream and banana milkshakes and invented a new dessert.

Want to make your own drunk dessert? Here's how.
*Tastiness not always guaranteed. 
Then we sat around for an hour watching Babe Station, as you do. 

I don't even know what I'm writing any more which is probably a good indication that  have been online for too long.

Tomorrow I should be going out with my parents for family time (help) and my dear friend Unni from Sweden is going to be in London so I'm super excited!!



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  2. I loved the 'purikura' ones!
    and i lold with the drunk dessert hahaha

  3. Looks like a great time and I love Siqi's shoes :D

  4. I really wish I knew some girls with style like you guys! The east midlands is dry on good clothes :(! Love your hair here too, looks cute shorter! x

    1. Aah you're so sweet 8D I miss my long hair so bad though. Where abouts in east midlands are you? I'm in Northampton for university so I'm there for half of the year x

    2. I know what you mean! When I stopped wearing extensions I felt like I had lost a (albeit hairy) part of my soul! And Nottingham :( if there is ever any good gigs or events nearby though I will let you know ^^ I've never been Northampton! What's it like for going out etc? x

    3. LOL. ooh I've never been Nottingham but quite a few of my friends go to uni there. omg no Northampton is the driest place on the planet. There is nowhere to go out unless you count clubbing and there's only like 6 clubs and they're all crap D:

  5. You should come! haha there is this bar/club called coco tang where they do the best cocktails (like sweetie flavoured and stuff!) And loool nevermind then guess I'm not missing much from Northampton, better for studying ;)

  6. Sounds like n interesting to do in a museum love those outfits and photo's as well as the Gif's. LOL the recipe for the dessert is really hilarious.