Monday, 20 December 2010

Two tone hair, purikura and random shite

Hello all~

I never know how to start blog entries interestingly so I'll just crack on with some stuff I've gotten and what I've been up to recently/

If you look back to my last entry, you'll know that I got some 22" blond hair extensions. Well they've gone through a magical transformation!




2-tone hair! Finally!

Unfortunately the brown is actually too light for my own hair colour ( I asked my mum to pick the colour for me...bad idea). It doesn't make a massive difference when I wear them but I think it makes them look a bit too "extensiony". I'm going to redye them but only to neaten up the ends of the extensions and bring the brown a little lower down (to match my natural hair length).
I'm probably going to ask my hair dresser to match my hair to them because that brown suits the blond so well~

I got this coat from Primark a few weeks back after I saw that Lucie had one and since I'm poor and was lusting after the similar looking one from River Island, I got this one instead!

The quality of it isn't amazing, it being from Primark and all, like how the pompoms are coming undone a bit and it would fit better if there were more hooks to do it up at the front with but they can easily be worked on and for £29.99 I can't really complain~

Abruptly changing topic,
Amelie came down to London a few weeks ago so we could visit some Fashion Illustration exhibitions!

Firstly we went to a 'Dior Illustrated' which exhibited artist, Rene Gruau's work. We went in with our game faces on like 'Yeah we're going to be adult about this and act maturely and blend in with those fashion students over there and group of posh looking women and not show ourselves up' and everything went well from about 10 minutes until we came across this picture...

[We weren't allowed to take pictures so I stole this pic from someones site. ]

Yes, it's a beautiful illustration but we couldn't help but laugh and joke how they'd make amazing outfits for anonymously creeping on men with.

We were going to another exhibition but we just went to the Trocadero and did Purikura in China Town instead.

Putting our new 'Creeper Capes' into action.

For that tiny amount of pink to be visible on our cheeks in this particular Purikura Machine, we had to pile on so much blusher. My blusher in reality was almost the same concentration as the pink around the date stamp!

I'm really annoyed about my fringe (bangs) in these pictures, ah well -_-

Herp derp, me.

After being in London we went back to my house and watched Ninja movies and took photos of ourselves with these beards we magically grew (my old hair extensions)

Marvel at our immaculately groomed facial hair.

Yesterday I met up with my old school friend who were coming back from University for Christmas and my friend Fran who had been in Germany for the past 5 months working as an Au Pair, it was strange to see everyone in the same place again, but it's strange because it was like no one ever left. We still talked about the same stuff and noones changed much. It was nice ^^

Oh and lastly because I'm a pathetic fan girl I got some SHINee socks a few days ago.

They're so cute haha~ I especially like the Key [the yellow] one.

I ordered a Rilakkuma phone case and some new Diamond lashes and an orange Candy Doll blush a few days ago so I'll post pictures of those when they arrive.

Off to finish making Christmas cake now~

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  1. LOL! You guys look like you had so much fun! I love the socks! I think I need some of those. I'm forever lacking socks, especially those that stay in pairs.

  2. Two toned hair <3 really nice! really want it too but im waiting for get money first :(
    Shinee socks :O sooo awesome. Really want the super junior ones <3

  3. I really like th two-tone hair exte! It seems hard to dye lke this isn't it?
    And I love your make-up!

  4. colours of hair extansion so cool!

  5. Awesome shinee socks! <3 I really wanted a pair of those kpop socks >^<

  6. After I read your post about your extensions I went searching for some on ebay. If I had any money I'd get some too, but they'd never be as cool as your two-tone dyed ones!!

    Oh I love the purikura machines in Japan because some of them let you put digital blush on haha! You don't have to worry about your real blush getting washed out (which it always does ><)

  7. Your hair looks great n____n

    And the purikuras are adorable! :D

  8. Ombre i´m envy!! :O

  9. Love the extensions!!! Too bad it doesn't match your current hair. :(

    Your purikura is sooooo cute!! :)

  10. The extensions look gorgeous! I love the shade of brown but it's sad that they don't match your hair colour.

    You and Amelie looked like you had such a fun time! She's so sweet~

    I love your SHINee socks. I'd love some pairs for myself too.

  11. Your Exte look AMAZING! I really want some again now but I cant deal with clips and cant afford another weave lol XD'

    Looks like an awesome time with Amelie :D

  12. I love the third purikura!

    I didnt know that there are shinee socks o--o niccce

  13. you are so cute!
    i love SHINee socks *____*

  14. Ombre i´m envy!! :O

  15. Awesome shinee socks! <3 I really wanted a pair of those kpop socks >^<

  16. Love the extensions!!! Too bad it doesn't match your current hair. :(

    Your purikura is sooooo cute!! :)