Sunday, 10 October 2010

New Hair

Hey guys~

Finally I've gotten round to blog about my new hair!

Hello natural hair colour~ and red of course
I wish the red was still as vibrant as this D,:
 Originally I was going to get my hair done like Yunkoro's 2-tone horizontal hair but my stylist advised against it for the sake of my money's worth, quality of my hair after all the bleach etc
Aaaah !~ I still want this hair! Maybe in the future...

Unfortunately, unnatural hair colours fade fast so my hair isn't nearly as vibrant as it was 2 weeks on so I was given a shampoo with red dye mixed in so I can leave it on my head when I wash my hair to restore the colour but its not working that great so I'm going to buy some Manic Panic for when I need to touch the colour up.

I'm not used to being this dark either D:

I also got my layers cut so my hair sits a lot nicer when I curl it~.

I'm poor but happy haha~

I'll leave you with this


  1. hey ^^ I i reckon that tone of red looks nice the way it is. xo

  2. Loving it! I think youd suit it all red ;D

  3. Your hair is really cool!super^-^Wish I could pull that off...and that model's hair is awesome too *___*

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