Saturday, 14 August 2010

Hurro from Cyprus

I don't think I mentioned this at all but my inactivity isn't due to sudden death, I'm actually in Northern Cyprus at the moment with my family and friend's family and shall be here for the next 2 weeks!
I don't have any pictures unfortunatly because this isn't my laptop and i can't upload anything on to it D,:

It's super hot here, we spend most of the day sweating to death in our bikinis by the pool, it's unusually humid for time of year. AJDF;ASBVAG;DSINF/LAS\DV

I miss everyone loads and I'm music deprived and you can;t get a decent cup of tea out here -sigh- ah well. BACK TO THE POOL
Bye all, I'll write something meaningful when I come back from hols. Toodles~

p.s. i'm in the process of making a new banner FiNALLY!!


  1. Be there a good gal Emmie and get some nice tan...:) if you´ll get too much dark...well you still can be ganguro LOL