Saturday, 21 January 2017

2017 Resurrection!

Oh well would you look at that. It's 2017 and I haven't blogged in like 12 years maybe?

So what has little old me been up to in the past, like, year since I wrote my last post?
Well the answer is basically this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I've been living my life, and generally existing as one does but recently I've gotten into a weird head-funk where I'm: quote Kylie Jenner "realizing stuff".
I bet u missed my quality graphics
Mainly about my own life. I think I'm having a quarter life crisis. Ever since I moved to Japan I've fallen out of the entire loop of fashion which, really focusing on it, means that 60% of my soul has somehow evaded me relatively unnoticed.
Probs happened at Disney Land TBH
From knowing exactly when every country's fashion week was to forgetting that it's even a thing, I am so out of the loop of fashion that I feel like I've lost part of what made me me. From the fruition of this blog, to my college and university studies, my life has revolved around fashion, aesthetics, lifestyle and clothing but now, other than buying clothes and seeing what's in the shops, I'm totally disconnected and uninvolved. I'm out of the loop with Japanese trends and trends from my own country and culture.

I'm suspended in my own unconnected timeline outside of the stream of everyone else and when I get these rare moments of clarity to sit back and evaluate my life I realize that right now, I am not where I want to be right now.

This is the first time that I've had a full time job and trying to juggle my time between work and play can be hard and tiring sometimes. When I get home from work all I want to do is relax but I'm realizing more than I need to use my time more wisely so that I can be constructive with it and truly do the things that I want to do.

Bla bla bla, that shite aside, I know it's late to the part but maybe I'll write about my 2016 in another post because I did do some fun things!

I really should start blogging properly again. Hum harr. Well I have the Iphone 7 Plus so maybe I can finally take some pictures that don't suck so... I might open up a new blog, as I am now a Legit Adult™. Let us see how it goes!

Anyway, enough rambling from me, Over and out!

Do u like my giant pompom doe.


  1. Nice to see you back! last year was truly the year of realizing stuff haha, don't feel bad about not doing much, many people didn't tbh ^^;
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. thanks! 2016 was a bit of a shit storm wasnt it.
      I wouldnt have minded not doing much if there wasn't so much stuff that i wanted to do D: I just got lazy. not this year!!

  2. Totally feel you about the not doing anything productive with spare time thing. And I'm still a student! I shouldn't have the excuse of being exhausted or anything. :') Would love to read more blog posts from you if that's what you end up doing. XD

    I do like your giant pompom doe. Your hair looking purty too <3

    1. I really miss blogging, i had so much fun doing it. THIS IS THE YEAR.

      Thanks bae xx

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